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TS Pornstar Sarina Valentina

Most Sexual Transsexual in the World

Sarina Valentina and TS Foxxy petting

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Sarina Valentina and TS Foxxy are a perfect match, word – one of them is a smooth vanilla cutie and the other one is a tough ebony babe with lots of tats… Innocence meets naughtiness, right? :) Here you will see these two gorgeous trannies stripping and playing with each other passionately – all for you. Oh you want something bigger than playing? Then click here to see these two shemale babes getting down and dirty!

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Sarina and Carmen Moore getting wet

Frankly, I don’t even know how the YouTube guys let this kind of video on to their site cause it’s just overfilled with shemale sex appeal! Ever dreamt to slide into a hot tub with two mouthwatering trannies in bikinis? Then this video update from Sarina and Carmen Moore is for you! There are tons of sexy things these t-girls would love to tell you right in this post – and tons of sexy things they would love to show you here!

Rare Sarina Valentina mobile photos

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Just like any beautiful girl, Sarina Valentina loves taking photos of herself with the help of her mobile phone – and this fact gets proven in a damn vivid manner here in this post containing three Sarina Valentina mobile photos from different periods of this sexy tranny’s life. Blond Sarina, dark-haired Sarina – sexy Sarina everywhere! :) Oh you want more revealing shemale mobile pics from this doll? Then just hit this site!

Sarina Valentina and Bailey Jay go shopping

There’s a nice little sexy lingerie shop downtown that Sarina Valentina and Bailey Jay go shopping to – hope you don’t mind following them on this little trip of theirs. In fact, they are there on purpose – they are choosing sexy outfits for a new porn scene of theirs. Wanna see this scene? Hmm, maybe I will give you some of it in the next post. Oh you want all of their scenes they shot together? Then go to their site!

Sarina Valentina and Bailey Jay slumber party

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Our dearly beloved dark-haired big-tittied shemale seductress is here to please you with a brand-new team show – a mind-blowing Sarina Valentina and Bailey Jay scene! These two dreamboat trannies look like they are having a little slumber party here – fooling around in their big bed in front of cam, flashing their nice titties on and on… Hey, you know what this sweet flashing led to? Click here to find the answer!

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TS Sarina Valentina shows everything

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Searching for a t-girl that looks totally wonderful in all little dresses? Then TS Sarina Valentina is the one you need – and you will actually see it on these pics. It should also be said that she looks even better when she pulls that tiny dress together on her waist turning it into a wide belt – and setting her big boobs and yummy hard cock free. By the way, there’s a fairly hot continuation of this scene available here – bet you will like it.

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20 questions with Sarina Valentina: hot interview

You wanna know more about your favorite shemale porn star – like, not know more about her blameless body that you know oh so well already but know more about her personality and preferences? Then these two videos titled 20 questions with Sarina Valentina are exactly what you need! Listen to this cutie talk about herself in her wonderful girlish voice – bet you will like the things she says. Oh you are after her body more? Then just go here. ;)

Hardcore Sarina Valentina porn


Hell yeah, at least!!! There were enough goodie-goodie solo and tranny-on-tranny petting scenes that I found every here and there on the Net – now it’s time to enjoy a totally hardcore Sarina Valentina porn one! Here you will see our dearly beloved t-girl coping with a meaty cock of a studly porn star – taking it between her big soft titties, sucking it and riding it like a cowgirl! Want to see this scene on video? Get it here!


Dreamboat shemale Sarina Valentina


Here comes superstar shemale Sarina Valentina at her best – a mouthwatering emo girl with an adorable face and a terrific body in a fairly revealing outfit. Don’t you find it’s a little too big for her? Seems to be about to slide off her baring her mind-blowing jugs any minute… Oh my, how I want it… You want it too? Well, you will see it at Sarina’s official site!

Visit Sarina Valentina Official Site


If you want to see everything that Sarina Valentina is up to in solo posing and in bed, then I’m sure that there’s one must-see destination for you – it’s Sarina Valentina official site. Here’s exactly where you will be able to see Sarina in all her glory – naked, posing naughty and, of course, handling big dicks. I hang out at that site of hers almost every day, word – fortunately, her updates are frequent enough to keep me going. Besides, this site of hers is just stacked with top-quality pics and HD videos that allow everyone willing to see Sarina’s gorgeous body in detail. Awesome one!